Transport and Logistics Operations Module of manages all the operational activities of Transport Companies from booking to delivery, Hiring the Truck to Payment, POD to provides you with easy to use .

The module helps to increase revenue while reduce expenses of logistics companies in india.

The main functionalities includes:

• Customer Contracts linked with Consignment booking and billing.
• Order linked booking and delivery.
• Multiple trans-shipment points.
• Customized Billing Format as per customer requirement.
• Contract based calculation of detention, penalty and incentive for transporter and customer.
• Payments and Receipts integrated with accounting system.
• Transporters additional payment and deductions linked with contracts.
• Transporter’s balance payment and customer billing linked with POD.
• Various reports which helps to take effective business decision.
• Pending list of task like booking, transshipment and delivery stock.
• To improve management Pending POD, Billing and In-Transit.
• Consignment, Lorry, Customer wise costing. To improve management Pending POD, Billing and In-Transit.
• Real time consignment enquiry on various parameters.